Thursday, January 31, 2013

How wise are you?

Does keeping your wisdom teeth really make you any wiser? Probably not, but by the time you get them in your late teens or early twenties, we sure hope you're a little wiser than when your first teeth came in! Wisdom teeth are a type of molar that is found in the very back of your mouth, and while removing them has become quite common, not everyone needs to have them removed.

Each patient's situation is unique, and your dentist will take x-rays and discuss your particular needs with you. If your dentist recommends removal of your wisdom teeth, it is best to have them removed sooner than later. As a general rule, wisdom teeth are removed in the late teens or early twenties because there is a greater chance that the teeth's roots have not fully formed and the bone surrounding the teeth is less dense. These two factors can make extraction easier.

The condition of your mouth changes over time, so wisdom teeth that are not removed should continue to be monitored since potential for developing problems later on still exists. Visit our Dental Health Associates web page for even more wisdom {on} teeth!

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