Friday, March 22, 2013

An Egg-celent Choice

If you like the idea of an Easter egg hunt, but aren't a fan of dye and egg salad sandwiches for a week, you may want to consider using plastic eggs. Often they are filled with candy, but we've rounded up some fun ideas that kids, parents, and dentists approve of!

This is a great list of non candy items to fill those eggs with. Not on the list, but loved by my children are sponge capsules that grow in water, silly bands, and fun design or character bandaids.

We also found a list of fun things to fill Easter eggs with that create another activity after the egg hunt. One example is puzzle pieces. There is also a list at the end with more than 30 things to put in an Easter egg other than candy.

You could also fill eggs with privileges that your child would like. Some examples could include: staying up 20 minutes late, get out of a chore, an extra book at bedtime, an extra 30 minutes of screen time (computer, video games, or tv), go out for ice cream, choose what's for dinner, don't have to put dishes away, go on a walk, stay after school to play for 20 minutes, back scratch, a friend over this week, a trip to the park, choose a toy at the dollar store, a bubblebath, a movie rental of your choice, family game night - you pick the game, breakfast in bed, go on a picnic, do a craft together, play a game of basketball together, game of catch, game of hide and go seek, and a game of tag.

No matter what you fill your Easter eggs with, don't forget to brush your teeth twice a day for a beautiful smile!

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