Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sense and Sensitivity

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No, this is not a poor spin off of a Jane Austen novel. Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem, and if hot or cold foods make you wince you don’t have to read a novel - just this article!  There are several causes for sensitive teeth including tooth decay (cavities), fractured teeth, worn fillings, gum disease, worn tooth enamel, and exposed tooth root.

Sensitive teeth can be treated. It is important to consult your dentist about your tooth pain because treatment is based on the cause of your sensitivity. Treatment options may be as simple as using a desensitizing toothpaste or more complex depending on the cause of your sensitivity. Some treatment options include the following:

  • Desensitizing toothpaste. This contains compounds that help block transmission of sensation from the tooth surface to the nerve, and usually requires several applications before the sensitivity is reduced.
  • Fluoride gel. An in-office technique which strengthens tooth enamel and reduces the transmission of sensations.
  • A crown, inlay or bonding. These may be used to correct a flaw or decay that results in sensitivity.
  • Surgical gum graft. If gum tissue has been lost from the root, this will protect the root and reduce sensitivity.
  • Root canal. If sensitivity is severe and persistent and cannot be treated by other means, your dentist may recommend this treatment to eliminate the problem.

Proper oral hygiene is the key to preventing sensitive-tooth pain. Brushing and flossing daily, using fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash, and visiting your dentist regularly are important steps in preventing sensitive teeth.  Ask your dentist if you have any questions about your daily oral hygiene routine or if you have concerns about tooth sensitivity.

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  1. Many people who have sensitive teeth experience pain every time whenever they eat or drink hot and cold. Being a dentist in Colorado Springs co I always recommend my patient with sensitive teeth to use soft bristled brushes that are gentle on teeth. I also recommend them to use desensitizing toothpaste for a period of time to alleviate their tooth pain. The different treatment options you provided in your post will definitely help people to get rid of any sort of problem they are facing due to their sensitive teeth.

  2. That is right it is important to consult a dentist when you suffer from pain, there is a reason behind that. And the best way and still the most important proper oral hygiene.

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